2-piece universal flexible PVC auto parts rearview mirror protector rain cover car rearview mirror eyebrow rain cover





Product Name: Car Rearview Mirror Rain Eyebrow
Sales unit: 1 set / 2 pieces
Product material: PVC
Product color: black, transparent
Single net weight: 27g
Applicable models: universal
Product features: full of toughness, not easy to deform, durability
Installation method: Divide the product into two parts, thoroughly clean the internal position of
the rearview mirror, tear off the 3M tape on the fuselage, bend the rain cover to the curvature of the rearview mirror, and press it. To ensure firmness, do not wash your car within 24 hours.
Product description:
The product is very flexible and can be bent at will to suit the style of the various rearview mirrors.Mirror matching of any color helps to block rain and make driving 


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Weight 0.035 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in
Color Name

1 set, 1 set 1

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